Monday, October 7, 2013

The Leftover Not Really Quiche Recipe

I may have invented this recipe, I'm not sure. This is how I make "Leftover Not Really Quiche"

Tonyne's Leftover Not Really Quiche Recipe

1/3 cup Bisquick Heart Smart Mix
1 egg white (reserve yolk, waste not want not!)
1 Tbsp water
dash of garlic powder, salt and pepper
4 eggs + reserved egg yolk
2-3 cups of whatever leftover veggies and/or cooked meats are in your fridge (I used tomato, onion, green beans and kielbasa)
dash of salt and pepper
1/4-1/2 cup of shredded cheese

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, spray a small'ish baking dish with non-stick spray. Chop up all leftover veggies and meat into bite sized pieces. Set aside.

2. In a small bowl combine Bisquick, egg white, water, garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. Pour into prepared baking dish. Set aside. Scramble eggs and egg yolk together in a medium bowl. Set aside.

3. Saute leftover veggies and meat in a small skillet until heated through. Slowly add veggies/meat to eggs mixing the whole time. Gently pour egg, veggie mixture over Bisquick in the baking dish. This part looks sketchy, but trust me and the process and I promise it will be ok.

4. Top with cheese and bake in oven for 20-25 minutes until eggs are cooked through and the bottom crust is golden brown.

This is a super quick way to use up leftovers and it reheats great! I usually get 4 breakfasts for myself out of this. You could use almost anything you have in the fridge.

I got the recipe for the crust part off the back of an expired box of HeartSmart Bisquick, it was originally for an Italian Pizza Bake and that looked really good too, but I needed breakfast.


  1. Green beans in a quiche? Never seen that but it's a great idea. Feed meeeee!!!! I'll be over at 7pm. M'kay?

    1. They are really, really good in was a "look in the pantry and see what canned veggies I have" moment when I made it the first time. Now, I always put them in. I love me some green beans. See ya at 7! ;)