Saturday, October 19, 2013

Netflix is ruining my life or preparing me for my future

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post, you see, I've been on vacation. It's this wonderful time where I like to unplug from the internet world and play in in the real one. It was wonderful, thank you for asking! I went up to Virginia to visit some friends and further fell in love with the Hampton Roads area. I also drank a lot, ate a lot and had lots of fun. However, that is not the point of this entry today.

Netflix is ruining my life. Seriously. I used to be a productive person. I used to do crafts, write, read, leave my house on my days off...all great things. Then, I got Netflix.

It began simple enough, I watched Season 1 of Wilfred, it didn't take long since it's only a 30 minute show. Only 20 something without commercials.

Then I didn't watch for awhile, then I got hooked on Revenge and Scandal. I couldn't stop watching. MUST SEE ALL EPISODES OF EVERYTHING!

Life began to revolve around how many episodes I could get in a night. I had to know what happened next. To the point that I began to lose interest in shows that had the audacity to make me wait an entire week for an episode. How dare they! Orange is the New Black would never do that to me.

When I finished Bomb Girls, I said I was done for awhile. I was going to take a break. I needed to take a break. But I'm weak. Last night I was bored, there was nothing on TV...instead of opening a book like I should have done, I grabbed my Wii remote, opened up Netflix and dove into the first 6 episodes of The Fosters.

I just couldn't help it. I'm ashamed. I have no control.

I'm Tonyne and I'm a Netflix addict. While I'm ashamed of my addiction to binge watching TV dramas I feel as if I have learned some useful things. I am fully confident that my schnauzers understand me in ways no one else does, that in jail I could not only survive but actually do well making toiletries for other inmates and when I got out I could go live in the Hamptons and revenge something with epic flair. I could then spin myself out of trouble while wearing fantastic clothes and if that didn't work I could build a bomb to blow up everyone that didn't go along with my carefully crated spin. Then, I could live happily ever after with my lesbian wife that I probably meet during my stint in prison while raising our 12 foster children.

So, what are you watching these days? What should I place next in my Netflix List?


  1. Happens to me all the time. My obsession was Sons of Anarchy.I finished 5 seasons in like a week. Not Good. LOL I didnt talk to my friends, go outside or anything.

    1. Oh, but if you have to give up your life for a week than is no better man to do it for than Jax Teller. HOT! :)